A little python script to observe/control Coda (Telegram, ...)


Python3 script to observe or control your Coda daemon.


  • Running script to observe (not control) coda daemon
  • Auto control coda daemon:
    • restart after too long synchronization (if status gets stuck at Bootstrap, Catchup, Listening, Offline)
    • stop and start snark worker depend on proposal time (inspired by thanos)
    • start after crash
  • Control coda daemon from telegram:
    • stop daemon
    • get balance
    • send coda
  • Send notifications to telegram bot
  • Sending new crash reports to telegram bot


sudo apt install curl -y
sudo apt install screen -y
pip3 install python-telegram-bot --upgrade


From source

git clone https://github.com/spdd/codas.git


Open settins.conf file and fill CodaParams section.

~$ python3 codas.py -h

usage: codas.py [-h] [-o] [-r] [-m MESSENGER]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o, --disable_observe
                        Observe coda daemon, but not restart or stop
  -r, --send_report     Send crash reports to messengers
  -m MESSENGER, --messenger MESSENGER
                        Use to send notifications to messengers

Usage examples:

Run script to observe coda daemon and send notifications and crash reports to telegram

~$ python3 codas.py --send_report -m telegram

Run to control coda daemon from script (start, stop) and send notifications and crash reports to telegram

~$ python3 codas.py --disable_observe --send_report -m telegram

How to create telegram bot?

  1. Find in Telegram @BotFather
  2. Start conversation /start
  3. Enter /newbot

How to get telegram bot chat id?

  1. Start conversation with your new bot
  2. Send a dummy message to the bot.
  3. Go to following url https://api.telegram.org/bot<YOUR_BOT_TOKEN>/getUpdates
  4. Find for “chat”:{“id”:<YOUR_BOT_CHAT_ID>…

Open settins.conf file and fill Telegram section:

token = <YOUR_TOKEN>
chat_id = <YOUR_CHAT_ID>