Advanced Commands JSON Output

me just poking around at all the commands in the protocol list and i ran the “coda advanced snark-job-list” command and it just filled the screen with unreadable text lol, so i tried to send it all to a file using

Protocol command > path/file.txt

and it saved it nice but one huge line. I found in the source code where the command is getting called but i cant tell how hard it may be to add the \cr on each write to the list array

Hi @Kunkomu.

Yes that’s a JSON representation of our snark-jobs

From the advanced CLI help:

  snark-job-list             List of snark jobs in the scan state in JSON format
  snark-pool-list            List of snark works in the snark pool in JSON

The advanced command output streams aren’t always meant to be read users.

JSON is often used for programs to talk to programs.

If you install ‘jq’ you can get a better visual sense of the data.

coda advanced snark-job-list | jq .

But you can also parse the data with another program like python.
Here’s a utility I wrote to parse that output a while back:

I hope that helps you understand a little more about what these commands are for.

Yea I get it, that command would be used by a miner or a software that was bringing available blocks or hashing. Like I said I am all to new to the block chain and even crypto . I really just started looking at it about 2 months ago,
However this block chain is a bit different on terms. But here is a good question and I thought about this that night u stayed up to message me (thank you by the way). What part of this whole software has been written by you guys and what parts are a branch
or something. I Guess what I am trying to ask is, is Coda Blockchain 100% yours or was the base written and you guys are taking it to implement to your needs. If so what are you guys trying to do with it completely I mean yea I been floating around all the
files and I have got a idea of how the vaiables and all that is being placed, also found a web gui looks like someone has started and what not. Do you guys have a “to do” list of items. I learn a lot by having a goal or a task to kwork for. And if its on
your todo, if I work it out ill pass up all my docs for u guys to have

@Kunkomu You’ve got a lot of interesting points here.
It would probably be better to move these to Discord or to new Threads here on the forums.

I’ll try to address them here quickly though:

  • the O1 team has written most of the current daemon and client software that we distribute.
    There are other community contributors (eg @garethdavies) who have written add-on tools. (his web block explorer)
    There are also some community contributors have fixed bugs and submitted some changes along the way. (we are always looking for more interest – we are a fully open source project and welcome external contributions)

  • Our github issues are one collection of our work todo.

  • We also are starting a grants program for persons or teams who wish to work on coda projects.

I hope these help.

Let’s close out this thread though as the original question was about the JSON outputs.

Hey man thanks for sharing. I do a lot of cross platform stuff. Its mainly cross protocol. I do the industrial robotics and machine integration. So having to learn a wide windows of languages is a main point. I will start looking at
these. For the last few weeks I been trying to find that right place to start doing this stuff and just funny timing is when I bought these pi4s and PK said to make a node out of them lol. Just happen to be a day before cut off lol. But I think I am grabbing
the idea fast enough. Most of my stuff has been self-taught but I do have a bach, in computer science in software design and a bach in electrical engineering and communications, but any how thx for the sharing and thank for the opportunity to poke around
on some test nets