(Almost) got scammed and (fully) got blocked

Hello everyone,

I don’t think I’m the most stupid person on the web, but some scams are made quite well. I’ve been in the official Mina Telegram group for some days and also subscribed to the official Mina announcements channel. When I opened Telegram a few minutes ago, I saw a message in an announcement for a token swap and the linked webpage which looked exactly like ‘polkastarter’. It was even possible to follow links and stuff. However, the URL had a different second level domain which got my attention (I’m not going to repeat the URL here because I guess that is what got me blocked, see below). However, since I thought the message was from the official announcement channel, I was puzzled. I thus opened the community group and asked about the URL… and got kicked immediately. Now I was sure that something was wrong, but still didn’t understand it - until I scrolled down my contact list only to notice that the real official announcements channel has not been updated and instead someone added me to a clone channel. Because this clone channel had a number of messages, I didn’t see the ‘you were added to this group’ further up. Pretty evil!

So there are two things on my mind:

  1. Please be aware of this scam. I think it’s made really well because the group looks exactly like the official group and so does the fake polkastarter webpage.
  2. Could someone unblock me in Telegram? I’m sorry I repeated the scam URL there, but I didn’t have any bad intentions. From all that I know, it’s been the first time in my life where I really almost fell for a scam.


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yes, you really have to be careful these day. I recently had a e-mail newslettter from Coinbase saying someone trying to hack into your account, please sign into your account within 24 hours to establish it is yourself. Knowing that I have not even look into my account in 6 months and besides that I can’t get into my account without authorization (authenticator). I know I shouldn’t leave it on a exchange but I’m ready to trade.

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Hi, i was on mina telegram group once. For some reason the admin blocked me from the group. Now i can’t access their telegram. Can someone help me please?