Auro Wallet is online (for Mina)

Auro Wallet(Developed by community: Bit Cat)is already available in Chrome store and Firefox add-on. Auro wallet perfectly support Mina Protocol (English and 中文). Welcome to experience and make comments.

With it, you can easily send, receive or stake your MINA, and view the transaction records anytime.

The private key of your Auro Wallet is managed by yourself, and you take control of your assets. You can generate multiple addresses with just one mnemonic in Auro Wallet. It’s fully compatible with BIP32/39/44 protocol, so you can import or export your wallets easily.

It’s very convenient for staking in Auro Wallet. You can delegate your MINA to BP nodes to maintain network security and stability, and earn more rewards.


Oh, that’s awesome, but where could I get mina tokens?

Bu harika bir özellik teknik ekip çalışıyor tşk