Buying Mina in the US


I’d like to buy Mina, but I’m in the US, and as far as I can tell, US residents aren’t allowed to buy it now.

Does anyone know when this might change? (And also, I’m very curious as to why Mina would be disallowed when so many cryptocurrencies are allowed!)

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you can buy it on an exchange like or kucoin. There are lots of coins that are not on the ‘big’ exchanges like coinbase or binance US

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Hi, did you manage buying some MINA?

So you’re saying there’s no law against US citizens buying it, but, for some reason, it isn’t included on those exchanges? No legal issues with using to buy it? (It’s illegal for US citizens to use offshore gambling sites…)

Hi there,
Mina is listed at and you can buy and pay legally at US.