[CLI Feature] Address ledger

It would be very helpful to have a way to display incoming and outgoing transactions.

Proposed feature would be

coda client ledger [-address]

By default it would use the default-wallet-address (see [CLI Feature] Default address setting)

If no default address has been set, then it will show clearly incoming and outgoing transactions from the supplied address.

For example, something like

Date        Type         TxID           Amount      Status
23/08/19  Received       0x8494...        0.01      Unconfirmed
22/08/19  Received       0x8494...      100.02      Confirming 5/10
21/08/19  Received       0x20f...      2000.00      Proved and confirmed
20/08/19  Sent           0xdeff...       12.94      Proved and confirmed
19/08/19  Mined          0xbee...        20.00      Proved and confirmed
18/08/19  Snark reward   0x117...         1.00      Proved and confirmed

discord: jspadave