[CLI Feature] Aliases

When generating a wallet, you can also request an alias for this address. Also need a command to view exists addresses and aliases
You can also add abbreviated aliases for the address and nonce:
coda client get-balance -address <pub_key> to --> coda-balance <pub_key_alias_name>
coda advance get-nonce -address <pub_key> to --> coda-nonce <pub_key_alias_name>

For convenience, I added three aliases to myself:

  1. echo 'alias coda-balance="coda client get-balance -address"' >> ~/.bashrc

  2. echo 'alias coda-nonce="coda advanced get-nonce -address"' >> ~/.bashrc

  3. echo "stake_addr=tNciFDFuaseQWjeyfr7hFseqQch1XN47CffuzxakHdfTAvqMko9NPHksH1GD2HW1jR3ehTdfLXcbVxJ6xRmheze86c8z6aetkc7TwkA4Eu2nJ4fRnwsWe1qr1XEKvMreWHYzuFuo9mpTHa" >> ~/.bashrc

And reload to take effect
. ~/.bashrc


These are just examples, Iā€™m sure it can be improved.


Great idea, would spare us the trouble of pasting the full adddress each time.