[CLI Feature] Default address setting

From the user’s perspective, it’s cumbersome to always need to specify on the command-line the address/account/pub-key perform operations on. Since Coda is account-based, in the common-case users will often use a single address for their day-to-day wallet.

The feature proposed is:

  1. To allow a “default wallet address” or “default account” to be set

For example,

coda client set-default-wallet-address NciCJB9Df2QdurcjSpKEJDuFU5sBphMCmjSr5xVPf77V7Pq3HyuKqheWiz6pekZjdhnBMTxYrfttMoiA4tzYPBmTwEN2bZKkhH9hcHa28eEJFZdiSryZ6mCKyniqXYhAxzKUfSXAKwQWN
  1. If set, the default is used for wallet-related commands (balance, send, etc) that currently require specifying the public key in the argument list.

  2. Multiple addresses/accounts are still supported. Users with multiple addresses/accounts can still specify them using the now optional -address flag. If the default wallet address is not set, then the -address flag is not optional

Need a list of operations having a default address makes sense for.

discord: jspadave

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