Coda Node Startup Script

Can we agree to create a Node Startup Script for every week?

I feel like we are getting lost in the weeds in terms what needs to be run every week.

I personally am spending too much time trouble shooting for what is going wrong every week.


coda daemon -background -tracing -no-bans -log-json -log-level Trace -client-port 8301 -external-port 8302 -config-directory /root/.coda-config -external-ip -rest-port 8304 -peer -peer -peer -peer -peer -propose-key /root/coda/keys/proposer -unsafe-track-propose-key


Do you find that all of these arguments are necessary when you run the daemon? Iā€™d love if we could provide good enough defaults to not need a script like this.

For instance, the combination of -background -log-json -log-level Trace should be able to be replaced with just -background now (it automatically logs at a trace level in coda.log). There are default values for all 3 ports and the config directory, so probably not everyone will want to change those.

Maybe I misunderstood the question so feel free to clear it up, definitely want to make sure we keep the cli usable!

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Agree to most of your suggestions @Schmavery

I would like to suggest further to reduce running the script to just coda (if and where possible)