Coda Protocol Resources

We’re happy to have you here and that you’re also excited about what we’re building. We would like to help you find the best places to learn about Coda.

:arrow_forward: Our official channels:

Coda Intro video:

Testnet Beta
Getting Started:
Testnet Challenges:

How to use GraphQL API in 5 minutes:
Live Demo of going through testnet tutorial:
Blog: Testnet [Beta] - Retrospective:
Community Video Call About Testnet Launch:
Subscription to Testnet Updates:

:arrow_forward: Community led initiatives:

We also want to shine the community spotlight on below initiatives that our community members started.

Coda Reading Group The goal of this reading group is to understand Coda Protocol by reading available online resources, i.e. the whitepaper, source code, etc. in a peer to peer setting. Click here to join

Russian Coda Telegram Group A community led Telegram group in Russian.

Testnet Beta Liva Demo (Russian) Live demo to set up a testnet node (Russian)

Chinese WeChat Group A community led WeChat group.


Testnet Beta

:computer: Testnet for Windows Instructions to set up a node on Testnet [Beta] using WSL, thanks to @whataday2day . Unofficial WSL Instructions

:arrow_forward: Coda Blockchain Explorer built by @garethtdavies

:desktop_computer: How to Back Up and Import Private Keys by @Kunkomu

:desktop_computer: How to Monitor Coda’s Node Status (Chinese and English) by Niuniu | Bit Cat

:desktop_computer: Scripts: How to always have your nodes up and running shared by @windows_Nodeasy and @tcrypt

:notepad_spiral: First Steps with Coda GraphQL API. Thanks @garethtdavies for showing how to get started with Coda GraphQL API in his blog, which allows the development of future tools such as block explorers, wallets, etc.

:notepad_spiral: Prototyping a Coda Blockchain Explorer. Thanks to @garethtdavies#4963

:notepad_spiral: Additional Notes + Screenshots for Setting Up a Testnet Node Thanks to @pkrasam . It’s OSS, so everyone is invited to join and contribute!

:toolbox: Tool for Ranking SNARK Workers (fees and number of zk-SNARKs)** Thanks to @garethtdavies#4963 for creating and sharing the script with the community!

:flag_ru: Live demo to set up a testnet node (Russian) Thanks to @Alexander

:flag_ru: Testnet Set Up Guide (Russian) Thanks to @Alexander

:flag_cn: Testnet Documentation (Simplified Chinese) Instructions for connecting to testnet translated to simplified Chinese, thanks to @anson

:flag_cn: Testnet Documentation (Traditional Chinese) Instructions for connecting to testnet translated to Chinese. Thanks to @anson

:thought_balloon: If you have something you’d like us to share with the wider group as well, please send us a message! We are also happy to help and support with materials, Tweets, design assets, etc!