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Kunkomu here
I wanted to reach out and offer a different type of support for the Coda community. I know at times trying to receive an answer about a question or a response in Discord can take time if you do not ping the correct people. Even then, we are spread so far in different time zones that finding the perfect time to get all your answers taken care of is pretty much impossible without some type of prior arrangements are made. So I am extended a offer for the newer members and maybe for some of the newly added members that I will work with you guys and even set up a class or a online “How to Set Up Your Coda Node” done via zoom or other meeting software. This is intended to cover the “Getting Started Documents” on the web site, as the Protocol grows, and more tools and apps come available we can push this into a Coda Operations class with tips and tricks.

Due to the amount of different languages we have in the community I must request that either you know English well, or that you can understand 50% at least for group classes. For those who need additional help with English please let me know in the commit section of the form and I’ll do my very best to accommodate. DO NOT let the language stop you from signing up

**Right now, I am just trying to get a feel of how many people may be interested in this. So, if you’re interested please fill out the form. **

With us being a few weeks out from the next test net I am thinking about holding the first group class just a few days before the Coda release, then I’ll do another 24-48 hours after release. If this proves as a helpful tool to maintain then we can keep it going as the Coda family grows.

The dates and times are below this is set up so others do not have to wait in the meeting for 2 hours before I get to their OS of interest, also before starting each section I’ll announce it in the Discord

Friday Aug 28th @8PM CST
8:00PM > starting with Ubuntu 18.04
8:45PM > moving into MacOS (i currently only have access to version High Sierra 10.15) for
those with Catalina or Big Sur we can speak after
9:30PM > moving into VPS systems (i will cover google cloud as the main installing VPS, but go
over file transfers and network setup on Contabo and Digital Ocean)
10:15PM > Moving into Linux as a subsystem (WSL) this one is last due to Windows and how
unpredictable it can be.
11:00PM-12:00AM > hour most questions and systems should be completed, I’ll take this hour to
venture into Docker on Windows and Linux systems, feel free to hang around
Saturday Aug 29 @1PMCST I’ll use the same order as above, but time breaks as follows
1:00PM > Ubuntu 18.04
1:45PM > MacOS
2:30PM > VPS systems
3:15PM > WSL
4:00PM-5:00PM > Docker hour

******************* Disclaimer ****************************
This class is to cover the getting started Docs on setting up a Coda Block Producer for test nets, it will cover install, and key imports into the coda network. This is not a Operating Systems class, Where I will be using all the listed OS’s, I am not a certified professional on those systems, and I can only show others how i completed the install and discuss some errors that may occur.

Link to Form:



  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • MacOS
  • VPS
  • WSL
  • Docker

This is quite a generous offer to go over all of these installation types – thank you for doing this mate