Community Art Contest: Emojis

We’re holding a Community Art Contest as part of Testnet [Beta] week 5!

Challenge #14 “Leonardo da Coda”

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Bring out your most creative self to create Coda-related emojis! Post your emojis (images) in this thread. You can have unlimited number of entries so cut yourself loose! Fun emojis will be added to the Discord server, so everyone can use them!
The community can vote on the best entries by “hearting” the entry posts, so do not forget to also “heart” your favorite entries!

Testnet Points* awards:

300 pts* 1st place
200 pts* 2nd place
100 pts* 3rd place

Let’s start the fun! :wink:

*Testnet Points (abbreviated ‘pts’) are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.