Delegation Program: FAQ

Delegation Program: FAQ

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Can I still apply for the delegation program?
Yes, you can fill out this form to apply.
When participating in the Foundation Delegation Program you will also need to run the uptime sidecar, so please following these instructions and set it up alongside your block producer daemon.

When will the redelegation take place?
Once every quarter, or more frequently as determined by Mina Foundation, Mina Foundation will review the list of validators to determine whether un-/re-delegation is appropriate with respect to any particular validator. Check out the Mina Foundation Delegation Policy for more details.

How many MINA tokens are being delegated?
Readers interested in the amount of MINA tokens subject to this policy can refer to the Mina Token Distribution and Supply post.

Where can I find more detailed information about the payouts? (How does it work, when do we need to send it back, etc.)
This document has details on exactly what you need to do to pay back rewards if you are receiving a delegation and how to send your uptime data so you can become or remain eligible for recieiving these rewards.

Why is my score on the uptime tracker 0?
Please make sure you submitted a correct public key, and that you’re running the sidecar.

How is the uptime score on the uptime tracker calculated?
This is explained in the docs under the “Measuring uptime performance” section.

Where can I go for more questions related to the Delegation Program?
Please ask your questions in the #delegation-program channel on Discord.

The Board of Directors of Mina Foundation may consider in good faith and grant waivers or variances to any of the requirements set forth in the Delegation Policy from time to time.