Don't kill our dreams, Mina ! author: Losqie

For a long time, each of the community members has made a significant contribution to the development of the project, from testing networks, creating training videos, writing articles, to creating funny memes and stories. Each of us met and directed new participants, maintained a friendly atmosphere within the community and the Community Leaderboard Challenge rallied us and made us one huge team.

We are very happy for the announcement of the token submission. Each of us was looking forward to this moment and it finally happened.

On behalf of the entire community and on my own behalf, I ask you to hold a special round for the project participants. We do not require free tokens or allocations, we ask you to give us the priority of buying tokens, because it will be very problematic to buy them at the start of sales due to the huge number of applicants, whom we ourselves have attracted to the project.

We were supporting the project at all stages from the beginning to the very end, if Mina became a part of our life, why didn’t we become a part of Mina?
author: Losqie


Don’t kill our dreams, Mina!


Присоединяюсь, не убивай наши мечты, Мина!


пресоединяюсь , !!!


Сделайте предпресейл для участников комьюнити


Don’t kill our dreams, Mina!


We are the community and not some random picked coinlist whoever they may be.
We should -as the case of all projects which respect their community- have a guaranteed allocation for testnet participants and social challengers participants, to buy in Mina and even at much better price than Coinlist. I keep referring to Hopr which allocated community share of tokens and arranged the sale on xdai with a post-hoc 1:1 conversion on mainnet


I would like to. But no one owes anyone anything


I want to express my respect to the project for listening to the community’s request and not staying indifferent!

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