Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Staking (Block Proofs)

Q: How do you check to see if you are producing blocks?

A: There is now a field in coda client status called Next Proposal: that will tell you when you are next scheduled to produce a block.
eg. Next proposal: in 2.833m

There are also these strings you can search for in logs:

  • No slots won in this epoch
  • Producing block in
  • Submitting newly produced block

Snarking (Transaction Proofs)

Q: How do you control or limit the number of cores snarking uses?

A: Our software uses the OPENMP library to support parallel CPU processing of snarks. Thus each snark worker can be configured with the OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable to determine how many threads to spawn. It defaults to the number of detected logical cores. The daemon also uses this environment variable when it is proving the blockchain snark.
eg. export OMP_NUM_THREAD=4