[Golang API] Coda API Client for Go

Coda API Client for Go

Simple API Client for Coda GraphQL API written in Go


Go 1.11 or newer.


go get -u github.com/spdd/coda-go-client

Available GraphQL API

Api description Status Testing Function
Get daemon status :ok: :ok: GetDaemonStatus
Get daemon version :ok: :ok: GetDaemonVersion
Get wallets :ok: :ok: GetWallets
Get wallet :ok: :ok: GetWallet(pk)
Unlock wallet :ok: :ok: UnlockWallet(pk, ps)
Create wallet :ok: :ok: CreateWallet(ps)
Send payment :ok: :ok: SendPayment(r,s,a,f,m)
Get pooled payments :ok: :ok: GetPooledPayments(pk)
Get transaction status :ok: :ok: GetTransactionStatus(pID)
Set snark worker :ok: :ok: SetSnarkWorker(workerPk,fee)
Get current snark worker :ok: :ok: GetCurrentSnarkWorker()
Get sync status :ok: :ok: GetSyncStatus()
Get blocks :x: :x: -
Subscription for new blocks :ok: :ok: SubscribeForNewBlocks
Subscription for Network Sync Updates :ok: :ok: SubscribeForSyncUpdates
Subscription for Block Confirmations :x: :x: SubscribeForBlockConfirmations

Cool! Thanks for sharing, always fun to see other people playing with the API. Are you building something using this library?

How’s your experience been with using some of the Go GraphQL client libraries (like https://github.com/shurcooL/graphql)? Is this library trying to solve a problem you encountered there? Always curious to see how we can make the API more approachable to people.