[GUIDE] Check snark-points by yourself

Thanks to the efforts of @garethtdavies and @yourbuddyconner everyone has the ability to independently track snark points Challenge #15: "Something Snarky"

Run the commands below sequentially:
sudo apt install git python3-pip wget -y

git clone https://github.com/CodaProtocol/coda-python-client.git && cd ~/coda-python-client

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CodaProtocol/coda-automation/master/scripts/snark-points.py

chmod u+x *.py && pip3 install websockets pandas

sed -i 's/.graphql_host="localhost"./(graphql_host="localhost", graphql_port="3085")/' snark-points.py

echo 'alias snark-points="python3 ~/coda-python-client/snark-points.py"' >> ~/.bashrc && . ~/.bashrc



*Please note that for complete results you need to have archives of all blocks. If you did not start the node in the archive mode from the 1st block, you will get the result from the moment you started the node. When you delete the config, you lose some of the data