Mina and democracy!

The future of democracy is an electoral system built on blockchain. The Mina protocol can be the best solution to the scalability problem for millions of votes with minimal resource consumption. The Mina team needs to pay attention to studying such a task first, today, while competitors are not yet ready to offer anything similar to the Mina protocol. And of course, after studying the technological solutions of Mina, there will be those who are able to steal other people’s ideas and implement them in the best way. A democratic electoral system is what the world needs today, and it is the future of democracy around the world. An electoral system in which it is impossible to steal votes without being noticed, where every election participant can check the data.

  1. It is necessary to draw the attention of the developers of the Mina Protocol to the prospect of creating such a project.
  2. Invite the Mina community to discuss the project.
  3. Make an announcement about the beginning of work on a democratic electoral system based on the Mina protocol.