Mina Testworld - Overview and Instructions


Mina’s adversarial testnet, Testworld, is launching on Tuesday, December 22! The deadline to register for Testworld technical challenges is 12/22 7:00AM UTC-8.
:point_right: Read the requirements below and sign up here.

Testworld Overview:

Testworld is the last stage before Mina’s Mainnet launch! Participants test the limits of the network and prepare Mina for Mainnet by taking part in technical and community challenges. Sign up for the opportunity to stake, become a Mina block/SNARK producer, and earn rewards in the form of tokens, cash and Testnet Points* (see leaderboard)!

Testworld is also your last chance to grow your eligibility for the Genesis token program. We’re planning to onboard new Genesis founding members right after Testworld–there are still over 700 spots left!


  • To successfully produce blocks, you need good uptime — your node needs to be online and connected (if not 24/7, then as much as possible) during Testworld. We will share testnet documentation with you to help you get connected.

  • Block producers who stake their testnet minas are required to connect to testnet and send a transaction to Mina’s echo service on the testnet within 48 hours after testnet launch. If you do not fulfil this requirement, the stake that you received at the start of the mainnet may get redelegated away from you to another member. We will share testnet documentation with you to help you get connected, and send transactions on the testnet.

  • Hardware requirements:

    • at least an 8-core processor
    • RAM: at least 16GB

Important note:

Active block producers are crucial for the liveliness of a network, and because the number of testnet users are limited in this release, we want to give these chances to truly engaged community members. Therefore, please only sign up for staking if you truly intend to participate. Those who sign up but do not participate will receive a penalty of 5000 points.


We want to clearly communicate our expectations for the community. Please review these so you don’t run into any issues with warnings, bans or disqualifications.

  • only one Discord account per person is allowed.
  • only one key per person is allowed.
  • only one spot on the leaderboard per person is allowed.

In case of doubt, please check with an O(1) Labs team member.

Signup Instructions

We’ve streamlined the staking sign-up process for Testworld. If you would like to be assigned stake, please fill out this form.

:bulb: Tip: the Discord server is where the community and the team hangs out, so we’d love to see you over there!

:bulb: Tip: if you get stuck or need some extra help to get connected to the testnet, feel free to reach out to us on Discord!


Q: Do I need to sign up again if I already signed up previously for a public testnet?

A: Yes, please sign up again! By signing up again, you let us know that you intend to participate in Testworld.

Q: How do Testnet Points work during Testworld?

A: Just like in previous testnet releases, Testnet Points* track how well a Testworld participant performs in Mina Testworld challenges. Those who are top block/SNARK producers as well as those who place highly on the Testnet Leaderboard are eligible for additional token and cash rewards (details to be shared soon).

Q: Are you inviting people to attack the Mina network during Testworld?

A: No. But we are running a concurrent Bug Bounty program where people can try to uncover vulnerabilities on the network and submit them as reports on the Hacker One platform in return for rewards. Look out on Discord and the Mina website for more updates on this.

Next Steps:

  • You will be notified by Tuesday, December 22 via email whether you’ve received stake for Testworld.
  • Be ready to set up your Staking Node when Testworld begins – we’re on track for Tuesday, December 22, but the date is subject to change.
    We’ll share an update on Discord if anything changes, so keep an eye out on the #announcement channel!
  • Happy staking!