Mina vs future Ethereum “light client"

I understand that a driving factor for the future of Mina is its 22K data-size client. Mina’s “A Technical Reference” document availalbe online says:

" In other networks, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, there is a notion of a “light client”. These light clients are intended for low-capacity environments and help users to verify/access information relevant to them from the latest state of the blockchain without having to do an expensive (both in time and space) syncing operation. They do so by reading the header from a block and verifying that the balance is correct w.r.t to the block they received, thereby trusting that the full node that sends them the data. These light nodes are not capable of representing the “blockchain” as we’ve defined it above.”

However, this claim appears to be oversimplifying the situation with respect to future Ethereum light clients. According to Dankrad Feist, an Ethereum researcher working on Eth 2, the situation is this:

“ [light clients] don’t download and verify the state. The naïve light client without fraud proofs (which we’ll come to below) can thus be tricked into believing that a chain is good by a supermajority of the full nodes, even if it actually has an incorrect state transition.” which sounds bad, EXCEPT for his mention of “fraud proofs.” But fraud proofs are part of the plan for Eth 2 light clients. He continues: "Fraud proofs are a way to give the light client a better security model, which is closer to that of the full node. The aim is that the light clients will also be protected from invalid chains, as long as there is at least one honest full node (a much weaker assumption than a majority).”[1]

Betting that there is at least one honest full node seems like an extremely good bet. In a podcast, he discusses this in depth; it’s a very worthwhile listen for anyone trying to understand the future of light clients.[2]

The idea is that Eth 2 will have light clients that are extremely secure and can run on a phone. So, I’m wondering what the Mina folks have to say about this as a competitor down the line??

The thing I’m most excited about with Mina is snapps based on SnarkyJS, which can: "privately interact with any website and access verified real world data for use on-chain. So developers can use real world data in computing and decision-making to change the way we live and work — without ever compromising privacy. “

As far as I seen so far, there are no other ZK projects actively developing that ability. It seems like SnarkyJS’s killer feature. But maybe SnarkyJS could/should be avaible to run in an Ethereum L2?

[1] Data availability checks | Dankrad Feist
[2] Motion: Security is about maximizing the minimum set of colluding miners (Anatoly Yakovenko vs. Dankrad Feist)