Phase 3 testnet questions

This should be a thread for all kinds of questions that are currently being asked on Discord but which may get lost due to the ongoing conversations. Many questions are being asked multiple times and possibly we can add this thread to the resources so people can come here and ctrl-f their question to see if there already is an answer.


I’ll start:

  1. transactions with fee 1 seem to go through slowly or not at all, even though the daemon responds back with “Transaction included, transaction ID xyz”. Does this mean that these transactions are now in the mempool until they get picked up or will they get eliminated after a while/immediately if current fee (say “1”) is too low?

They are added to the mempool, and the mempool is sorted by highest fee. Given that block production has been low recently it might not have gotten in (only so many txns fit in a block and the higher fee ones are prioritized).

The mempool has a fixed size, and if enough other txns with high fees get submitted, the lowest fee ones get evicted to make room.
We’re working on a txn expiration feature that lets you specify a certain time that you want your txn to expire if it doesn’t get into a block.