Running a Coda Testnet Node on a budget

Hi all,

I wrote a review of the VPS provider I have selected to run my node on for the year. Being that the major providers are charging a high premium for a spec-ed out instance, I was able to find one with 6 cores and 16 GB of RAM for just over $100/year. Check out my review at I hope it helps get more folks on the testnet!



Virtual private server does not imply continuous utilization of the processor at 100%. Such a constant load may not be pleasant for the provider and you may be asked to purchase a dedicated server. There are no miracles (unfortunately)

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Iā€™m curious what others think of running a staking node on a VPS with regards to security. Do you feel that a VPS compromises this?

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I understand the budget concerns while 100$/year is not in reasonable limits. By using contabo you risk your private key which is equal to 100% of your mina holdings. You are using shared devices which is not secure not to mention provider will not allow yo to keep it using over time with this utilization on shared servers.

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