Sending transactions with Docker Desktop for Windows

My container failed when trying to send a tx using guidelines

coda client send-payment \
  -amount 0.5 \
  -receiver 4vsRCVNep7JaFhtySu6vZCjnArvoAhkRscTy5TQsGTsKM4tJcYVc3uNUMRxQZAwVzSvkHDGWBmvhFpmCeiPASGnByXqvKzmHt4aR5uAWAQf3kqhwDJ2ZY3Hw4Dzo6awnJkxY338GEp12LE4x \
  -fee 0.1 \
  -sender $CODA_PUBLIC_KEY

It look like that it doesn’t like the \ caracter used to separate parameters. After this command I came back to DOS prompt… Then I was not able to get a new bash acces :

docker exec -it coda bash

Error response from daemon : 

Container d0b29d275bc747ffc1d158d3073a546d9abd6be32eb86f655a93e0fc0dc7f49b is not running

Also, I could not start a new container without removing the previous

C:\Users\xxxx>docker run --publish 3085:3085 -d --name coda codaprotocol/coda-demo:sandbox-32a.1
docker: Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name "/coda" is already in use by container "d0b29d275bc747ffc1d158d3073a546d9abd6be32eb86f655a93e0fc0dc7f49b". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.
See 'docker run --help'.

C:\Users\xxxx>docker container rm coda

Then I could acces to CODA container but I losted previous created accounts.
Hope it can help…

In case of container crash, is there a way to retreive acces to it instead of delete it as I did ?

I tried to reproduce this issue without success…
It would seem that this command would have made it possible to recover the access without removing the first CODA container

docker start coda

Hope this help