Sync after daemon restart

I tested restarting the daemon without deleting ~/.coda-config folder in this version - Commit 9def15a on branch release/0.0.3-beta.

About 10 minutes elapsed from the moment the daemon restarts until the correct value of Max Observed Block Length is received(> 1).

Do I understand correctly that the daemon is trying to do some work before the synchronization is complete, then this work stops by timeout and the synchronization process continues?
** By completing synchronization I mean Block Height == Max Observed Block Length

Hey @whataday2day the Daemon persistence isn’t well-defined currently so I couldn’t say exactly what the daemon was doing for those 10 minutes.

Maybe one of the protocol engineers will have a better answer.

Hi @whataday2day,

“Max Observed Block Length” should always be greater than “Block Height”. Thanks for spotting. This should be fixed soon.

When “Max Observed Block Length” is greater than “Block Length”, then that represents the degree of how unsynced a node is compared to the network. The greater this difference is, the more unsynced the node is.

The timeout you see will trigger a catchup job that would ask other peers to help you sync with a certain block. We have a timeout because, there could be other blocks that we see in the network that would help connect the block that is causing the catchup job to connect with all the pending blocks that we have. If this happens, it doesn’t require to call a catchup job, which is an expensive operation.