Testnet Beta Release 3.1 Challenges

Testnet Challenges: Everyone can get involved

Coda’s Testnet offers some fun community incentives to get this network really humming. These include:

  1. Testnet Challenges — learn how to operate the protocol, while contributing to Coda’s network resilience.
  2. Testnet Points * — get recognized with points* for achieving qualitative and quantitative objectives.
  3. Leaderboard — publicly track your points and ranking compared to other participants.
  4. Genesis Token Program — By completing challenges on testnet, you’re preparing to become the first block producers upon mainnet launch. You’re demonstrating that you have the skills and know-how to operate the Coda Protocol, the main purpose of Genesis.

There are different ways for everyone to be involved. There are three categories of testnet challenges to earn testnet points*:

  • Entry level challenges (up to 1000 pts* per challenge)

  • Challenges for people who want to try out more features of the succinct blockchain (up to 4000 pts* per challenge)

  • Community challenges which require no technical skills (win Community MVP and up to 4000 pts* per challenge)

:rotating_light: Please note that the majority of the testnet challenges are on hold until release 3.2.
There are six challenges LIVE for you to earn testnet points*.

  • Flash Challenge Coda survey (1000 pts). Each of you plays a critical role in shaping Coda and we’d like your thoughts on the future direction. Take the survey here.
  • Challenge #11: Megaphone (Spread the word)
  • Challenge #12: Rosetta Stone (Translations)
  • Challenge #13: Community Builder
  • Challenge #14: Let’s Meetup
  • Challenge #15: Coda Wiki

Entry Level Challenges

Challenge #1

-coming soon-

Challenge #2: Connect to testnet and send coda to the echo service 500 pts* (ON HOLD)

The team has published all the necessary documentation to help you get started on the testnet. If you’re as excited about SNARKs as we are, or simply want to be involved in helping realize a truly decentralized financial system, we can’t wait to work with you. Join the Discord server where you meet the team and other testnet users.

After you connected to the testnet, send a transaction with at least 1 coda to the echo service to get the points for this challenge.

address echo service: 4vsRCVhooM5t5dDdbyBmAJYEHnHC26pc7frKMUNZMHfJBSaDWxjiSHCkkKkUQdjoxmYYrKfnuRvY6aPBWz3vK9Ckr5dYeTkNUhw1qMyCce83HCm8gtjH38SW6w7iu715Z9Woc8wQ7yvqw6sR

Challenge #3a: Send transactions 500 pts* (ON HOLD)

Send 5 transactions: 500 pts*.

Challenge #4a: Create and sell zk-SNARKs on Coda 1000 pts* (ON HOLD)

Earn 3 fees by producing and selling zk-SNARKs on the snarketplace: 1000 pts*.

Challenge #5a: Stake your Coda and produce blocks 1000 pts* (ON HOLD)

Produce 1 block and get them accepted in the main chain. 1000 pts*. The deadline has past to get some stake delegated to you, however, it is very well possible that it is still possible to get some stake. Ask us in #testnet-general channel on Discord!
Check out this thread for tips and tools on staking.

Ready for more challenges?

Challenge #6: Giving is the Best Reward 1000 pts* (ON HOLD)

Earning a coinbase or a block reward is great, but you know what is better? Giving a coinbase! Successfully produce at least one block where the coinbase gets sent elsewhere using our new protocol feature. This is useful in the real world for paying out rewards to cold-wallets. The instructions on how to send your coinbase elsewhere, are here.

Challenge #7: Dive into the deepend 4000 pts* (ON HOLD)

If you’re excited about collaborating on the first example staking pool service, then here are some pointers to get you started! There is API infrastructure available to make example staking pool services possible. We encourage you to work with your fellow community members to build a staking pool on Coda! High quality contributions on the open-source repo will be awarded up to 4000 points*. Submissions can be one of a code contribution, documentation, help, screenshots, etc.

For more details and for credit, please share your project in this forum thread.

Challenge #8: Use it or lose it 1000 pts* (ON HOLD)

This release is the first time we’re restarting from genesis in a while — and along with that comes many new features. A lot of development is behind the scenes, but there are some up-front-and-center changes. We want your feedback!

  • Now when you create an account, some small fixed amount of tokens are burned! Is this clear when you use the CLI?
  • For the Staking pool APIs you use in challenge #7, were these easy to use? Did it make sense?

For credit please deliver feedback to this thread for the topic on tokens burn, and this thread for the topic on the Staking pool APIs. Thoughtful feedback will be awarded with 500 pts* for each topic.

Challenge #9: Bug Bounties (ON HOLD)

  • (1000 pts*) Major - reported a new daemon crash that wasn’t already on the known issues list.
  • (200 pts*) Minor - reported a new issue related to minor bugs in the daemon, documentation, or testnet.

Challenge #3b: Send the most transactions 1000-4000 pts* (ON HOLD)

1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place will earn points, respectively 4000, 3000, 2000 pts.

Anyone who sent 20 transactions will get 1000 pts*.

Challenge #4b: SNARK Tycoon 1000-4000 pts* (ON HOLD)

Earn the most fees on the Snarketplace. 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place will earn points, respectively 4000, 3000, 2000 pts*.

Anyone who earned 50 fees will earn 1000 pts*.

Challenge #5b: Produce the most blocks 1000-4000 pts* (ON HOLD)

1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place will earn points, respectively 4000, 3000, 2000 pts*.

Anyone who produced at least 2 blocks will earn 1000 pts*. (updated)
The deadline has past to get some stake delegated to you, however, it is very well possible that it is still possible to get some stake. Ask us in #testnet-general channel on Discord!
Check out this thread for tips and tools on staking.

Community challenges

Challenge #10: Rachel, Ross, Joey, Monica & Phoebe Community MVP + 1500 pts* per referral (ON HOLD)

Invite your friends to join Coda Testnet - your friend must connect to testnet, and produce one block. This can mean that you introduce your friend to Coda, or that you help them get up and running. The community member with the most ‘referrals’ will be a candidate to receive a Community MVP award.

(Updated) For every friend that you referred, you will earn 1500 pts*.
(Increased the amount of points* because it was harder to produce a block than we expected!)
Claim your points* by letting us know your referrals here.

Challenge #11: Megaphone Community MVP + 1000 pts* (ON HOLD)

Help spread the word about Coda Testnet - post in forums and on social media and help new people learn about Coda. The person with the most high quality posts will be a candidate to receive a Community MVP award. Forums where other node operators, technical enthusiasts or developers spend their time, would be the best places to post, but places like Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, and Facebook can work too. Claim your points, by letting us know about your posts, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. here.

Anyone with 5 high quality posts will earn 1000 pts*

Challenge #12: Rosetta Stone Community MVP + 4000 pts* (LIVE)

Rosetta Stone - the crypto community is global and speaks many different languages. Help the community by translating all, or part, of Coda’s documentation into high-priority languages. Anyone who completes a set of translations that are verified by the community will be a candidate to receive a Community MVP award. In order to participate, please let us know in the #translators channel on Discord which language you’d like to work on. If there are multiple people for one language, we can form a working group. Check out the overview here

Priority languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Turkish

4000 pts* for translators.
1000 pts* for helping with technical proofreading.
1000 pts* for helping with linguistic proofreading.
100 pts* for helping with a final check.

Challenge #13: Community Builders Community MVP + 2000 pts* (LIVE)

Many people have become leaders in the community since Coda’s Testnet Beta launched. We want to keep recognising people who contribute the most to build a robust, decentralised, and collaborative community. We can only award points for what we see, so make sure you’re doing it in one of the official testnet channels so everyone can learn, and share your contributions with the community !

We may give out all the awards in a week, or none, or several at each level. The more active the community is, the more awards we can give out in this category. If you feel that a community member should get a Community Builder’s award, then please let us know!

  • Platinum — 2000 pts* + Community MVP — went above and beyond, and made substantial contribution to build a robust, decentralised and collaborative community. Awarded in exceptional cases.
  • Gold — 2000 pts*— made a major, or on-going contribution to the community throughout the release. A major standout!
  • Silver — 500 pts*— always there, always helping, always positive.

Challenge #14: Let’s Meetup Community MVP + 4000 pts* (LIVE)

Become the event organizer and organize the inaugural Coda meetup in your city. The leaders in the community who organise the meetup can earn up to 4000 pts* and will be a candidate for Community MVP.

Join the new channel #meetups on Discord to collaborate with us and community members to organize the meetup. We will be here to support you!

Join one of these new meetup groups to stay on top of Coda events near your area. We’re starting with the following cities and will add more eventually!
-Moscow Coda Meetup group
-New York City Coda Meetup group
-Berlin Coda Meetup group
-Istanbul Coda Meetup group
-Netherlands Coda Meetup group
-San Francisco Coda Meetup group
-Seoul Coda Meetup group
Don’t see your city in this list? Go to the meetup channel on Discord and (start a) vote for your city!

:bulb: Some tips to help you get started with organising a meetup:

  • Local blockchain clubs might love to collaborate on organising a meetup together
  • Crypto coworking spaces are great venues for meetups
  • Keep us updated about the event you’re organizing, if we cannot attend, we’d love to remote in during the event!
  • When there are big crypto events happening in town, that’s also a good timing for a meetup! More community members and the core team might be around during that time. E.g. our team will be in Berlin around March 31 for the Zero Knowledge Summit, and in Istanbul around April 6-10 for Istanbul Blockchain Week.
  • Other dates can be a good timing as well! For example, Greg organised a Coda meetup in February in San Francisco, and it was a great success! Check out the “Community in Action” section in the latest blog for pictures and a link to the presentations.
  • Let us know if there is any way we can help to support you! Providing you with resources, presentations, etc.

Challenge #15: Coda Wiki Community MVP + 1000 pts* (LIVE)

A Coda wiki is created for the community! We’re really happy to see so many of you helping each other by sharing guides, scripts, tips and tricks, and other information with each other! In order to make sure that these valuable resources will be easy to find again, we’ve created a place where the community can exchange knowledge – a Coda wiki http://codawiki.com.

If you think that there’s information that would be helpful to other members, or if you’ve already shared something useful before, we encourage you to put it on the new wiki to ensure this information won’t get lost! Everyone can edit the Coda wiki.

Helpful contributions for the community on the Coda wiki will be rewarded with testnet points* .
up to 500 pts* - per minor contribution
up to 1000 pts* - per major contribution
Members who play a major role in shaping the wiki will also be a candidate for the Community MVP award. Examples of other blockchain wikis for inspiration: bitcoin wiki, ethereum wiki. A new channel on Discord is created for discussions related to the #coda-wiki .

*Testnet Points are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.