Testnet Beta Release 3.2

Participate in Coda’s Testnet

Coda’s Testnet offers the community to try out the key roles on the succint blockchain – block producer and snark worker.

  • Learn - learn how to operate the protocol and how to stake, while contributing to Coda’s network resilience.
  • Test - testing is valuable for the project’s development, but it is also useful if you plan to run a block producer node on mainnet. You can test your setup and the features now on the testnet.
  • Earn Testnet Points* - stake on the testnet and participate in the staking challenge. The staking challenge will award testnet users with testnet points* and place you on the leaderboard.
  • Genesis token program - by staking on testnet and completing challenges, you’re preparing to become one of Coda’s first block producers upon mainnet launch. You’re demonstrating that you have the skills and know-how to operate the Coda Protocol, the main purpose of Genesis .


Testnet Challenges
How do I stake?
Tips and Tools
Help and Support
Help with Testnet and Improving the Protocol
How To Sign Up and Get Some Stake?
No Signups Required: Community Challenges


We want to clearly communicate our expectations for the community. Please review these so you don’t run into any issues with warnings, bans or disqualifications.
-only one Discord account per person is allowed.
-only one public key per person is allowed.
-only one spot on the leaderboard per person is allowed.
In case of doubt, please check with an O(1) Labs team member.

If you’re selected as one of the 200 testnet participants in release 3.2, then you must:
-connect to testnet and complete challenge #1 (send a transaction to the echo service) within 48 hours after testnet launch.
-stake and produce at least 3 blocks within the first week after testnet launch.

Warning: If you belong to the group of 200 testnet users in 3.2, but are not actively staking and meeting the two requirements as described above, then you will receive a penalty of -1000 Testnet Points* , you will not be able to participate in the technical challenges in 3.2, and your stake will be re-delegated to someone on the waitlist for phase 3.2. You will still be able to participate in community challenges.

Active block producers are crucial for the liveliness of a network, and because the number of testnet users are limited in this release, we want to give these chances to truly engaged community members.

Testnet Challenges

Learn how to operate the protocol, while contributing to Coda’s network resilience. There are different ways for everyone to be involved:

  • Technical Challenges – challenges for people who want to try out features of the succinct blockchain
  • Community challenges – these challenges do not require technical skills. Besides testing the protocol, members can also make other valuable contributions to Coda and its community of users through community challenges.

By completing challenges, you will earn testnet points* and a position on the leaderboard. Both categories of challenges are valuable to Coda and its community of users, and will increase your chances to become eligible for the Genesis token program. The full list of challenges will be shared once testnet 3.2 launches.

How do I stake?

1) Connect to testnet: get started (these instruction are not updated yet for testnet 3.2. We will share specific instructions for release 3.2 to the 200 selected participants closer to 3.2 launch, stay tuned!)
2) Start staking: instructions (testnet 3.2 launch is planned for Monday April 20, 4pm PST. Keep an eye on Discord to see when you can start connecting and staking!)
3) Keep you node up and running (as often as possible, if not 24/7) during the 2 weeks of testnet release 3.2 to win opportunities to produce blocks.

Tips and Tools

Many community members shared some useful tips and tools for fellow stakers/block producers:

  • Keep your node up in Google Cloud Platform (thanks to @kuka643#9114) - see Discord

  • Automatically stop SNARK work when producing block (thanks to @!_thanos) - often, when you win a slot to produce a block, your machine might not have the capacity to both do the SNARK work and produce a block. Therefore, if you run both a block producer and a SNARK worker on the same machine, it’s highly recommended to temporary pause the SNARK work around the time that you expect to produce a block. This is a script that will do that automatically for you - script

  • Node Restarter (thanks to @jkrauska#8620) - restarter if your node crashes, see discord

  • Script always running daemon (thanks to @windows | Nodeasy#4629 and @tcrypt#3615) - keep your staking node up, see this thread

Check out the Coda Wiki for more tips and tricks which are shared by the community.

Help and Support

If you got stuck, or need help, then the best place to ask your questions is on Discord, in the #testnet-general or #testnet-connected channel. Discord is also the place where Coda’s community and team hang out, so feel free to come join the conversation!

Help with Testing and Improving the Protocol

The team is working hard towards mainnet. We’re excited to see the testnet in the hands of the community, you playing with it and maybe even breaking it!

There is one prover error bug that occurred during release 3.1 that we would love for you to keep an eye out for. Prover errors are logic errors that cause computations inside and outside the SNARK to disagree. In other words, SNARK proofs fail to be created. We have not been able to reproduce one class of prover error on consensus that occurred the last time we did a release. We have since instrumented our codebase so we’ll learn more information if it happens again, but in our internal testing it hasn’t happened. What does this mean for 3.2? As early as day 3, but potentially any time, the network could halt due to consensus-related SNARK proofs failing to be created. Please look out for this with your fellow community members!

In the meantime, your participation should help us test out network stability as well as some bug fixes, plus we want your help with hitting edge cases, play with new products and features on the protocol, and test new mechanisms. For example, we’d love to see you play with the option to send coinbases elsewhere, and using the new decimal-ed token amounts.

I want to participate in the testnet and produce blocks, how can I get some stake?

The number of testnet participants for release 3.2 is limited to 200. This is not how Coda’s testnet will be run on the long term, but it’s a temporary trade-off to get the testnet to the community sooner with an improved user experience.
The 200 users for testnet 3.2 are already selected, however, you can still sign up to be added to the waitlist. If testnet users are not actively staking, then their stake will be removed and redelegated to the next person on the waitlist.

Also keep an eye out for the staking signups for the next testnet release. Before the start of each release, users can sign up for staking so they can be included in the genesis ledger of the next release.

No Signups Required: Community Challenges

If you’re not one of the 200 users participating in the technical challenges, then you can still participate in 3.2 by completing community challenges. Everyone can participate! A full list of challenges will be shared when testnet 3.2 launches. Contributions to Coda and its community of users will be rewarded with testnet points* and increase you chances to become eligible for the Genesis token program.

*Testnet Points are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.