Testnet [Beta] Week 5

:wave: Happy Tuesday everyone ! Week 5 testnet updates are here! :wave:

:mega: Week 4 Retrospective is LIVE here :mega: :slight_smile:

Read up on the team’s reflections on week 4’s testnet ‘Medium Rare’, and highlights of the community in action! http://bit.ly/TestnetRetro4

The testing of last weeks provided us with invaluable feedback, and instead of having a new testnet release, we will focus on improving the infrastructure and stabilizing the testnet this week. The community is also invited to join us in this retrospective week, and earn Testnet Points* along the way! Take a look at how you’re doing on the leaderboard: http://bit.ly/TestnetBetaLeaderboard

:rotating_light: *New Challenges to win Testnet Points ! ** :rotating_light:

Challenge #12 "CLI FYI"
Submit a product improvement or feature you’d like to see in the Coda command line interface (CLI). Post a new thread in the “Product” category and add this to the title: “[CLI Feature]”. The community can vote on it by “hearting” the post, and comment / discuss details in the thread. Add your Discord username to be counted for pts* . Every feasible feature suggested will get 500 pts* Top 5 features will win an additional bonus - and the community gets to vote for top 5. Bonus: +2500 pts* , +2000 pts* , +1500 pts* , +1000 pts* , +500 pts* , respectively. Feasible feature means well scoped ideas that Coda could technically implement- eg. The block producing CLI command should tell you % likelihood of winning a block and the time until the next slot you can produce blocks for. No guarantees that suggested features will be implemented, but if you submit a PR implementing one, you could win a massive bonus of 5000 pts* , which means that you could win up to 8000 pts* !!

Challenge #13 “My two codas” 400 pts*
We are overwhelmed by the active involvement and enthusiasm from the community for the Testnet [BETA]. Your contributions and feedback are invaluable to us. Earn Testnet Points* for giving your two cents by filling out this survey: http://bit.ly/CommunityRetro.

Challenge #14 "Leonardo da Coda"
We’re holding a community arts contest! Bring out your most creative self to create GIFs and emoji’s! Post your GIFs and emojis on the forum in the thread for GIFs and the thread for Emojis. You can have unlimited number of entries so cut yourself loose! 300 pts* , 200 pts* and 100 pts* for the top 3 GIFs and emojis.

Week 3 Community MVP Winners

Each week, we reward the community leaders who are making testnet a great, collaborative experience. Please join us in congratulating the winners! @everyone

Winners Challenge #8 ‘Bonanza’

Last week, we had a big points challenge, with up to 4000 points* on the line for the person who produced the most blocks. Congratulations to the winners!
1st place 4000 pts* — @dk808 (47 blocks!)
2nd place 3000 pts* — @y3v63n
3rd place 2000 pts* — @Gs
1000 pts* for everyone who produced at least one block: @Prague , @jspadave , @Dmitry_D , @novy , @Alexander , @Danil_Ushakov , @LatentHero , @whataday2day , @garethtdavies , @Ilya123 , @TipaZloy , @Bison_Paul , @Hunterr84 , @MattHarrop/_Figment_Network , @OranG3 , @boscro , @PetrG , @ttt

:trophy: Bug Bounty: Major :trophy: +2000 pts* @garethdavies https://github.com/CodaProtocol/coda/issues/3234

:military_medal: Bug Bounty: Minor :military_medal: +200 pts* @doronz2 https://github.com/CodaProtocol/coda/issues/3172

:trophy: Community MVP Gold / Challenge #7 ‘You Complete Me’ :trophy: +1000 Testnet Points*

@whataday2day for always being around, being actively involved in the testnet from the start, and being helpful to other community members when they get stuck.

:military_medal: Community MVP Silver :military_medal: +500 Testnet Points*

@dk808 , @Bison Paul , @Ilya | Genesis Lab , @Alexander , @Turbotrainedbamboo for active participation in the Testnet [Beta] and helping with uncovering odd behaviour leading to forks.

*Testnet Points (abbreviated ‘pts’) are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.

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