Testnet [Beta] Week 7: New Release is LIVE!

:mega: New Testnet Release ‘Golden Hour’ and challenges are LIVE! :mega:

Week 8 Challenges

In addition to the on-going challenges, we have two more challenges running this week: challenge #15 ‘GraphCoolL’ from last week and a new challenge #20 ‘Golden Hour’.

:small_blue_diamond: Challenge #20 "Golden Hour"

This week’s challenge is all about timing. We will have two “Golden Hours” every day:

:sun_with_face: 9AM-10AM PST (UTC-7)
:sun_with_face: 9PM-10PM PST (UTC-7)

During a Golden Hour, you’ll have two actions you can perform to complete the challenge:

  1. Send as many transactions as you can (measured as the # of transactions that made it into a block during Golden Hour).

  2. Win as many tokens from snark work as possible (measured as the total amount of coda earned through snark fees during Golden Hour).

If this week, at least one of your transactions is included in a block during a Golden Hour, you will earn 250 pts* .
If you sell at least one snark work during a Golden Hour, you will earn another 250 pts* .

BONUS — At the end of the week:

  • First place in either category will win +1500 pts* .
  • Second place in either category will win +1000 pts* .
  • 3rd - 20th place in either category will win +500 pts* .

:warning: Note that only transactions that make it into a block and only snarks that are bought DURING the Golden Hours will count towards this challenge. You can participate in both categories, and win up to 3500 pts* for this challenge.

:small_blue_diamond: Challenge #15 "GraphCoolL"

@garethtdavies#4963 built an awesome CODA Blockchain Explorer on top of the Coda GraphQL API, and won Gold 2500 pts* for this challenge last week. :tada: Although the community is already using the block explorer, in case you missed it - links are added in #resources .
However, we noticed that some community members were confused about the deadline for challenge #15. In case you’re building an interesting tool on top of the Coda API, we still want to reward you in the next week!
When your tool is completed, please share it with us as a new thread on the forum with a [GraphQL] tag, so we’ll know about your creation! Check out last week’s announcement for the full challenge description.

Week 7 Challenge Winners
It’s very cool to see many of you becoming leaders in the community. Please join us in congratulating the winners of week 7!

:medal: Challenge #19 — ‘GraphCoolL’

2500 pts* Gold: @garethtdavies#4963 for building a Coda blockchain explorer on top of the Coda GraphQL API! Check out his blog post

:medal: Challenge #4 — ‘Community MVP’

1000 pts* Gold : @Alexander#4542 for being the human faucet, when our faucet bot was rebelling and refusing to send transactions.

:medal: Challenge #7 — ‘You Complete Me’

1000 pts* Major Contribution: @ansonlau3#9535 for translating the testnet documentation to Chinese . Now it’s easier for our Chinese community members to get started with the testnet as well!

*Testnet Points (abbreviated ‘pts’) are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.