Kimchi MIP: A proposed upgrade to Mina's proof system

Hello everyone,
Brett Carter here, a PM at O(1) Labs. We’ve recently drafted an official MIP which proposes upgrading Mina’s proof system to Kimchi. Take a look here to read up on the specifics:


Hello Brett,
As mentioned in the github description, if this proposal is passed, the hard fork of the mainnet needs to be carried out before the kimchi proof can be installed on the main netright?

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I’m not sure what you mean by “installed”, but if you mean that Mina Mainnet does not use Kimchi today, that’s correct. Only after the MIP passes and the Berkeley HF is executed, will Mainnet use Kimchi. If you’d like to experiment with Kimchi and zkApps on a live network today, you can do so with the Berkeley public testnet.


The new custom gates were specifically chosen to accelerate common cryptographic operations that will most likely be needed in applications written on top of Mina (e.g. verification of ECDSA signatures).

Will it support the newer signature schemes such as BLS and Schnorr which are now being used in Eth2 and Bitcoin and which support threshold signature schemes…

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