Recording and slides of Kimchi MIP

Hello everyone,
Anaïs Querol here, Cryptography Engineer at O(1) Labs. The community call presenting MIP#3: Kimchi, a new proof system has just happened. Here you can find the slides and the recording of the meeting.

PDF Slides –> MIP3 Kimchi.pdf - Google Drive

Recording –> MIP3 Kimchi - Google Drive


Thanks for the slides. I’m quite surprised to see that a shorter block time is not planned with the much faster Kimchi launch. 3 min is a long time for a block to be generated. what’s the reasoning behind this please?

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Hi lamps,

The reason behind Kimchi is not directly to reduce the block time, but to add functionalities that facilitate zkApps in Mina. Kimchi is mainly a change in the proof system, the cryptographic part of Mina, whereas the time for a block to be generated depends on many other factors related to the protocol itself like the consensus algorithm. With the improvements shown in Kimchi, we anticipate a shorter proof generation for transaction SNARKs, but circuits encoding zkApps could be potentially larger. On average, I would say that the time to have a new block will be similar than the current one.

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