Reduce Inflation on Mina Protocol

Hello everyone.
I have been following Mina Protocol for a year now.
The project itself is good but inflation is literally killing the token and the project as well.

I have seen that a proposal to reduce inflation has already been made on this forum a year ago, but it has yet to be approved.

I have seen that the community in general on the various social networks is also very angry because of the tokenomcis.

To date Mina Protocol only make gains for devs and validators, the latter in particular seems to control practically the entire protocol, as lately they ask for even more fees.

It is fair to reward the devs and the validators, but if only they ear from it and inflation is so high that it hurts investors, this will lead Mina to fail as a project and to be remembered only as a deceptive scheme that through tokenomics has only enriched some people who used inflation to dump their tokens into the heads of investors.

My proposal is to create a burn mechanism that combines the mechanisms of Moonbeam with the GLMR token and of Binance with BNB.
Moonbeam burns 80% of transaction fees, while Binance performs periodic burns of the tokens that arrive in the treasury.

My proposal is to introduce a burn mechanism of 30% of the transaction fees and in addition to make quarterly burns of the tokens in the treasury.
Furthermore, a fixed max supply of a maximum of 1 billion tokens must be introduced.

I repeat it is right to reward devs and validators, but if only the latter are earning then the project will never grow and become just a deceptive earning scheme for a small circle of people.