[Suggestions] My observation and suggestions on improving the forum

Hello everyone!
I noticed that community participation on most posts is few to nothing. I also notice that activities levels are low.
I have a few suggestions.

Forum moderators.
I don’t know if there are forum moderators already. Whatever the case might be, it might be a great idea to employ full time moderators. There might be shift running, so there is always someone around.
Proposals that have been approved should be edited to indicate that it has been approved, likewise; rejected and closed. It makes it easier to go through proposals.
Topics should be tagged properly. Indicate if you are posting a proposal, report, guildlines, observation etc. An example is the heading of my post.
*More community activities should be done on the forum. Like bounties etc. I have some ideas on this, and I’m sure so many people will have ideas of bounties that can be done to improve community engagements and bring in new members.
Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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I agree that this forum is not as crowded and colourful as it should be.

Mina Protocol has a huge community. With a good strategy, many bright community members could be led to this forum, so we could have many more ideas discussed on this platform.

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Yes, you are right. We could do bounties. It keeps the community active.

IMO the problem is that there’s a number of places where communication occurs, and it fragments the community. Today most of the discussions happen either over slack, github (and github has a discussion tab now), or discord (perhaps in this order), and so there’s little interest left for the forum. I like forum discussions though, but don’t have much solutions to offer besides this insight…

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