Unity Game SDKs (Discussion)

Hey Mina developers,

My name is Stephen from Var Meta, a blockchain development firm aiming to build something cool in Web3. We are proposing a robust and open-source Unity SDK that supports simple and mid-core games, which can make it easier for every devs to launch their titles on the Mina Network.

Problem Statement
The game SDK from VAR’s team offers seamless integration, powerful customization options, and enhances the game development process on Mina:
1.Cross-Platform Compatibility: By supporting Unity, the SDK will provide a single-core engine for multiple interfaces.
2.Cost Efficiency: Saves on development costs by streamlining the creation process for both interfaces and optimizing resources.
3. Maintenance Streamlining: A unified SDK means fewer updates and maintenance efforts
4. Educational Savings: Saving time and resources for ongoing training for developers.

Our Approach:
We plan to harness Mina’s existing Rust SDK to build a native library, forming the backbone of our Unity SDK. This approach will enable Unity developers to interact with the Mian chain through a suite of easy-to-use APIs.

Here are the functionalities our project will have:
1. Core Engine: This includes components like the Manager, Transport, Logging, Token Transfer, Wallet Configuration, Account Funding, and NFT Minting.
2. Public API: The public APIs exposed to Unity Engine.
3. Documentation: Reference documentation for the APIs will be created, along with guides on integrating and using the SDK in Unity Engine projects. Code samples will be provided to demonstrate usage.
4. Testing: Unit, integration, and end-to-end testing will be implemented to ensure quality.

With all being said, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments. If you are planning to build games on Mina, let me know! I’ll be dropping more details.

Thanks and appreciate it :pray:

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