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A financial model that can be borrowed is an ecology developed on a sero chain. If you can develop such an ecology if the Mina chain helps Mina consensus, enhance MINA internal exchange, helps Mina financial time leverage, help Community team is strong,However, 2-20 rewards have excessive foam, it is recommended to reduce 1% reward

UBS Bank Contract Rules

I. Use recommendation code as link relation

Ii. Scope of participation: ≥10 SERO

Iii. Personal finance income (Static Income)

  1. Upon participation, all SERO flow into the same UBS bank contract pool, and the account immediately shows a static return quota of three times the investment amount, which can be increased indefinitely.
  2. Static income is released in accordance with 1.5% of the bank contract pool every day, weighted by the amount of static income of each account, until the static income is three times of the investment, and the contract stops
  3. Daily settlement of static returns (UTC 00:00), which can be withdrawn or reinvested by “triggering returns” and then flowing into “collection”

Iv. Performance reward income (sharing income)

  1. Permanently enjoy 100% of the static income of a layer shared
  2. If the direct share performance reaches 20,000 SERO, you can enjoy 10% of the static revenue of the second layer shared
  3. For each additional 10,000 SERO of direct sharing performance, 10% of the static revenue of the additional layer will be enjoyed by the shared person, up to a maximum of 20 layers
  4. Income sharing burns, that is, when calculating the income sharing, the smaller of the principal of the sharing person and the shared person shall be calculated. If the actual investment amount reaches 100,000 and above SERO, the bonus will not be burned
  5. Daily settlement of income sharing, automatic implementation of “collection and collection”, withdrawal and reinvestment

V. Additional mining income UCON

  1. Based on UBS 2.0 technology, UBS series ecological rights management token UCON will be officially issued on 9/9/2021 00:00 UTC. 60% of UCON’s daily circulation will be automatically issued to UBS bank users as a reward for investment and mining
  2. Mining authorization: After the first “investment” is made in UBS bank and successful, the account is deemed to be authorized to invest in mining, and the account will automatically trigger the function of issuing UCON tokens. PS: You must click “Invest” for the first time to activate authorization, and “reinvest” for the first time cannot be authorized. After authorization, “Reinvest” can be used normally
  3. How to obtain mining reward UCON: After successfully authorized mining in THE new UBS interface, all future investment/re-investment (including the first investment for obtaining authorization) in the new UBS interface can receive corresponding UCON
  4. How to calculate and collect UCON revenue
  • Each account can collect UCON once every 24 hours. The amount of UCON can be collected will also change in real time with the increase of other users’ new investment. The statistical interval is calculated according to the 24h interval for each account to be collected.
  • UCON per collection = UCON daily circulation * Account mining weight ratio [Account mining does not collect SERO/ all account mining does not collect SERO]
  • Since the account is authorized to activate the mining function, all SERO invested/reinvested are counted as the SERO that the account has participated in mining, minus the SERO released by the account to the collection every day, and the difference is the SERO that the account has not collected in mining. All investment volume will continue to accumulate until the account mining is not collected SERO, not eliminated according to the natural day.

Vi. Allocation scheme: 94% of each investment amount will be allocated to the address of UBS Bank contract pool, 4% to the address of development team as technical service fee, and 2% to the address of UBS Foundation bonus pool as platform governance fund. Smart contract will be automatically allocated

Vii. Open source system, data on the chain, code written, decentralized accounting, no back door, can not be tampered with, automatic operation, automatic distribution.

Viii. The system discloses contract rules and default recommendation codes, and players can actively participate without referees.

Developer philosophy:
Make wealth more free
Make finance simpler
Make life better