Community Discussion: Bad Genesis Founding Member public keys


Over 660 Genesis Founding Members (GFM) received a token grant of 66k MINA tokens, and launched Mina’s mainnet as the network’s first block producers. These grants unlock over 4 years, with an initial cliff 1 year after Genesis Block. The first unlock is due on 11th March 17:00 UTC. However, the public keys belonging belonging to two GFM members have become corrupted, and therefore they are unable to receive their grant.


Would the community like to:

  1. Create new public keys for the affected members and provide access to their associated funds via the MIP process to be included in a future hard fork
  2. Do nothing

Let’s discuss this topic and come together to a decision as a community! We can take a poll further down thread once we have some views and everyone feels they have all the required information.


Hi @b_mckenna. :raised_hands: Could you please provide some technical explanation ?
How keys can become corrupted ? They have provided wrong public keys ? :thinking:

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Echoing eldeniz, I’d like to understand how these became corrupted and the distinction between these two keys and the other known to have been generated with the outdated keygen tool (which appears valid) ref: What about Honest Validators that haven't met minimum Reward Requirements? - #34 by garethtdavies

It was my impression that keys generated with the outdated took produced seemingly valid keys (much like the second case). Or could these first two have been generated on very old tools?

From memory, as it was a long time ago now, I also remember the entire process of providing keys being halted and the opportunity given for members to resubmit their keys after this issue was identified. I also think we had a whole additional testnet just to verify these new keys were correct?

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Yes, @b_mckenna maybe we can specify exactly what happened to each of the two members? My bet is that they were affected by the outdated tool and didn’t update their keys when we sent the announcement out. If it’s just that they lost their private keys, that’s something different to consider.

Re using keys generated using the bad tool:
On the one hand, like you’re saying Gareth, there was opportunity for members to resubmit keys and check them. Moreover, it isn’t ideal to be changing ledger balances manually during hardforks. On the other hand, if someone happened to miss that window for some reason, is it really fair punishment to (effectively) revoke their share of the token grant that they earned becoming a genesis member?

The community should take these points into consideration when discussing the issue.

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OK from the comments by @bkase and @garethtdavies there is still some investigation to be done to identify specifically how these members keys become corrupted. Note that we wont be taking a vote on anything until all the required information to make a decision is known. I’ll keep this thread posted with information as I find it, and also if any of the affected members want to chime in that would be helpful as well.

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