Decentralised Identity on Mina Protocol

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I have been writing a book on Bitcoin (and the blockchain technology in general). A couple of weeks ago, while I was doing some research on the L2 solutions that work on Bitcoin, I came across an entity, called Decentralised Identity Foundation. They have a truly decentralised and open-source project just like Mina Protocol.

Similar to Lightning Network, they are inspired by Bitcoin (but not limited to it, again, just like Lightning Network). Their aim is to enable individuals to get hold of their own identity while interacting with the internet (web 5.0). I am sure, some of you are already familiar with the concept.

As I am a little bit informed about Mina Protocol and its technology, of course this concept seemed extremely compatible with what MP does. To me, a collaboration between these two projects looks like a heaven-made match.

Today, I had a video call with one of their team members, and shared this opinion of mine with him. He was unaware of the existence of MP (one more person won!) and after a quick search on MP, he agreed with me.

I wonder what the MP team would think about it. Maybe some of you guys could get in touch with them to see whether such collaboration is possible (and also worths the effort) indeed.

Both parties could benefit from each other, imho.

Here is their website’s link;


Seems interesting, thanks for sharing. I think Mina’s properties make it an ideal fit to solve identity / privacy issues. Would be great to get feedback from others about this.

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I think this will be something that’ll be interesting to dig into once zkapps launch


Hi, We just started working on the same and will let you know the details.


That’s fantastic! Please do keep us updated, and also do not hesitate to ask for help should you need any!

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