Delegation Program FAQs

How will delegatees know there is a vote they need to participate in?
Delegatees will receive relevant emails containing;

  • Votes required.
  • Dates for votes.
  • Link to governance post on how to vote and voting period.
  • Where to ask questions.

A post will be published in #delegation-program Discord channel

  • When Mina Foundation Governance announces vote.
  • A reminder will be posted 1 day prior to vote end.

Internally, Mina Foundation will monitor vote participation and reach out to Delegatees, as needed.

Where do delegatees find info on how to vote?
Detailed process can be found here.

How is this monitored?
Delegatees can monitor and confirm their votes on the On-Chain Voting dashboard (Granola). Delegatees must cast a valid vote, that appears on-chain, during the voting period.

How will delegatees know there is an upgrade?
This Mina Foundation Delegation Policy update applies to specific upgrades and updates that are announced in the #delegation-program Discord channel .

Delegation Program Block Producers will be sent an email to the email address registered with the Mina Foundation Delegation Program with upgrade or update information (release notes).

Does this apply to all upgrades?
Delegatees will have to implement hotfixes as may be required to ensure continued security of the network.

How do Delegatees upgrade?
Follow release notes and notification as per regular upgrade.

Why are Mina Foundation bringing in this requirement on upgrades?
This is to ensure important updates/upgrades propagate effectively through the network.

What happens if delegatees don’t perform the activities outlined in the exclusive factors on the Policy?
If the exclusive factor(s) outlined in the updated Delegation Policy are not fully followed by delegatee, there is a risk of being undelegated.

When does keeping the 8% rewards begin?
From Cycle 10, such updated staking rewards will come into effect.