Feedback sought for Mina+ App!

Hi all,

Being an avid fan of Mina for some time now, I’m always looking at ways of helping to benefit the community & spread awareness of Mina.

In tandem with the Mina+ project, I volunteered to help produce an Android App as a first time App project. I’m a new starter to development, self taught, & this gives me a great opportunity to learn & adapt as I go.

The link to my first published version of the App is:

I have already received feedback that the first page is squashed for a Pixel 5 with some overlapping, so am looking to correct that (Constraint Layouts and scaling still confuse me for now!), but it does look pretty good on my Pixel 4 XL.

Can you download it from the Play Store please when you get a chance and let me know how the layout is with your own phones?

Also, general & constructive feedback is welcome. I’d also like to know from the community what pages they feel would be beneficial to them, as I will work on adding more features as I go. Some ideas I have had so far include YouTube videos, Staking Data and Useful Links. Language & currency change is in the pipeline too, as are Home Screen Widgets.

Many thanks for your time & input! Much appreciated!


Happy to give some honest feedback.
First off , awesome job! You have obviously worked really hard on this, just getting an app published on the android store can be challenging enough in itself.

I think to have a successful standalone app dedicated to one crypto (which is really tough when you think about the fight for real estate on your phone and existing apps like TheCryptoApp) the extra functions you spoke about Eg, different language options, more price data, more news feeds would be really good to implement.

Maybe you could add a menu dropdown at the top to help with navigation? You could include links to official Mina website / discord / telegram / medium / reddit etc?

For the price data, do you think it is worth showing where you are getting that data from too as there are variations, eg on Binance Mina’s market cap rank is 80 something I think atm.

You could also consider adding a % character next to the 24hr price change number so that is clearly a % not a price.

Hope these are constructive comments. Once again well done!!