NFT Platform for Mina Protocol - Problems & Solutions

I realise this is further down the road, but I thought it would be constructive to initiate a discussion around how an NFT platform could be built around MP and the steps needed to make it a reality.

1: What is the biggest challenge to building this? (bearing in mind the advancements likely to be made with ZK rollups etc over the next 12 month or so). What are the issues over finality times, interoperability etc.

2: What would the pathway be to achieve an NFT platform for Mina?

3: Are the bridges to ETH / Polygon a way to leverage Mina into the NFT space rather than a dedicated solution?

4: Similarly would a collaboration with L2’s such as Stark or ZK Sync or similar be beneficial / possible?

5: What kind of NFT’s could be created that utilise Mina’s unique privacy properties?

6: Is this something that the Community could develop with funding/support from MP?

Regardless of your opinion on NFT’s I feel they are an important part of the route to mass adoption and something that I think brings added value and consumer interest to the project.

I would be really interested to get feedback from the community here. :+1:

If you do NFT, then only of a standard similar in capabilities to ERC-1155 and more advanced. ERC-721 is just pampering. The bridge is not the most important thing if there are enough users in the MINA ecosystem

Thanks for the message, really appreciate your input.

I hope you don’t mind but I am not 100% sure what you mean. Evan has mentioned ideas before that Mina NFT’s could prove certain things, eg when you liked a twitter profile, etc,etc

Can you elaborate a bit further on your thoughts?