Introducing Alphaday - A Customizable Dashboard for the Mina Community

Hello Mina Community!

TDLR; Alphaday is a free-to-use comprehensive platform designed to simplify crypto management across devices for users of all experience levels. It offers features like portfolio tracking, real-time market updates, personalized news & insights, and customizable UI to enhance your investment strategy.

Stay informed and ahead of the curve with Alphaday, your gateway to the latest in cryptocurrencies.

Quickly acquiring knowledge and staying up to date in the crypto space requires following numerous sources which can both be time-consuming and inefficient. Often, we find ourselves with multiple tabs open in the browser, switching back and forth trying to not miss out on any crucial information. This was the spark that birthed the idea behind Alphaday.

Alphaday is a platform that has widgets built on it which allows you to access various blog sources, web3 related news, forum posts, video releases and more, all from a single dashboard. We also constantly release new dashboards & widgets.

Alphaday is super customizable, you can change the layout of your dashboard to your liking- and of course, it’s all free!

Bring the clarity and convenience you need in the chaotic world of crypto with Alphaday.

Experience it yourself, here:

We look forward to your feedback!