.mina for wallets?

Is this something that would be possible to do with Mina Protocol? It would be very cool (and easy to remember) to have pete.mina as a wallet address


It’s pretty cool. But now, we’re in a very early development phase of Mina Protocol. Do you think that it’s a good time to talk about it? I think we need to focus on something that higher priority, the Snapps for example.

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Thanks for the reply :+1: Am just getting the idea(s) out there. Along with the wallet creation price discussion, I know these are the kind of things that attract outside interest to a project.


@BeaconChain I think there is a way to compose this idea with Snapps. Once web snapps are available you could map wallet address to an owned domain. So if I own a domain I could create a proof and that would verify my ownership of the wallet.

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Sure i feel we should discuss as many possible apps/ideas as possible.

Thinking out loud here, since MINA does not have a great deal of storage space on-chain, all this data will need to be stored off-chain and might be implemented via some clever primitives. I feel i am too conditioned and spoiled by using on-chain data.

I think reverse resolution would be a bit of an issue. i.e if i say send 10 MINA to pete_grid0.MINA, the wallet needs to figure out , this maps to addres B43ace…

I think it is a great idea, from a technical perspective could it work in a similar same way to how .ETH works?

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I think tis a good idea

we now have Comdex and coldstar working on this idea from the Bootcamp! GitHub - Comdex/zkpass


do we need to get .mina ? would this be a good project to be funded by MF?

I was on twitter and I looked at the idea with a real app

Thanks for the link @bobichio much appreciated. .crypto is cool, my only thoughts are is that it can be generic for any crypto.

If we want Mina to be seen as the serious project it is a ‘.mina’ wallet address would be a real statement of intent to the wider crypto community and is in my opinion a real priority.


Does this topic is similar to what ENS is for Ethereum (https://ens.domains/fr/) ?

(On Elrond (EGLD) blockchain, we can do transaction using “@UserName”)

yes it’s similar, but this one (zkpass) has a crucial advantage that your wallet address and your entire transaction history is NOT exposed for the world to see.


so we could have the convenience of a .eth type address together with transaction privacy too?

@Comdex will correct me but, from the descriptions, zkpass (plus Wokey wallet) can incorporate the functionalities of: 1). Smart contract wallet (akin to Argent on ETH), 2). naming service (ENS), with privacy on both addresses and transactions (Tornado cash), 3). Single Sign-on (SSO) service, with potential integration of the One Privage Login outlined by the Mina Team. So yeah, I’m pretty keen to see what zkpass will evolve into.

This sounds like a really exciting proposal. @lamps maybe we can look through the steps needed to make this a reality?

The devs are quite clear about these visions and they are in the Snapp Builders Program, so the project should be in safe hands.