Some ideas to have mina protocol more friendly

Hello, here some ideas from others projects to make mina protocole more accessible (more friendly) :

  • Have an official wallet with a dedicated app where the user could
    • do classic operation (transaction, staking,…)
    • see its NFT
    • download official documentation (user guide to run a node…),
    • referral rewards mechanism for each friend which create a wallet
    • Stickers mechanism to push user to do thing (like there is on Maiar wallet)
  • Be able to buy MINA with $ or € directly from this official wallet without need to use exchange (like NIMIQ allow to do it with Bank transfer or Credit card :
  • Map each address to a tag (like @xxxx in elrond blockchain)
  • Map each address to a picture or avatar (which could be automatically generated based on the address value, maybe it could be see as a NFT) : there is something similar in NIMIQ blockchain
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Thanks for creating this topic @ChrisCrisKris

1: An official wallet would be great - has anyone from Mina Foundation considered partnering with Auro and Clorio to establish ‘official’ Mina Wallets one for browser and one the desktop?

2: Mapping addresses like Elrond @etc - This is also a great idea and I am sure one of the reasons that EGLD is so popular is that their App is very user-friendly and easy to use when you compare with a lot of ‘crypto wallets’. There is actually a similar discussion around this on the forum here .mina for wallets?