Mobile payment use-case

Would like to raise possible mina snapps use-case for a mobile payment app (snapp) where users deposit local fiat-currency into MINA snapp, convert to MINA for exchange with SME businesses for “real life” services / goods exchange.

  • LP providers are incentivized via % commission fee? (May not even be necessary?)
  • Given “real life” services / goods exchanges happen “instantaneously”, not sure how TPS / transaction finality would be key consideration point.

I’m not a developer background, but always thought MINA is the future and would love to get involved in early stages.
Please feel free to expand/correct/evolve discussion, thanks in advance

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Not sure I follow. How do you deposit fiat in mina?

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Hi thanks for the inquiry,
The development for depositing fiat would be what the snapp would actually do? Where in people with the snapp (can be p2p or between SME business and consumers) can use the snapp to transfer MINA as a exchange of value.

Just an idea of utilizing snapps for real-life MINA use case, but if you have additional insights / ideas more than welcome to share!!

You can’t deposit fiat in a snapp (or in blockchain in general) as it lives outside. You’d have to find someone willing yo give you mina in exchange for fiat. Services like coinbase connect people who want to do such trades an escrow the money to avoid scams.