Next Steps for Mina Protocol's Governance

Hello there,

Over the last few years, Mina’s ecosystem has grown substantially, and with the upcoming Berkeley upgrade, this momentum is expected to continue. As the ecosystem expands with the contributions of more companies and individuals, governance becomes increasingly important. It will be key to realizing Mina’s vision of a future powered by participants!

Governance will determine the success of the network, and should ensure that all key stakeholder groups in the ecosystem have a voice in shaping Mina’s future. To facilitate this, the Mina Foundation has established a team to work on supporting protocol governance initiatives, who are excited to share with you a draft blog post outlining a vision for Mina’s governance.

Blog post:

Following an initial round of reviews with a community focus group, we’re inviting you to share your feedback. The Mina Foundation Protocol Governance team has set up three different options for everyone to contribute (please take a moment to share your thoughts before May 8th):

  1. Feedback survey - through a Discord bot.
  2. This MinaResearch Topic - focused on an open discussion about the blogpost in general.
  3. Google Doc - to enable dedicated discussions (in comments) about specific parts of the blogpost.

Once the review period concludes, the team will read and respond to comments, before discussing on the upcoming Illuminate Town Hall, scheduled for May 8, 2024. Register to attend the first Town Hall here:

This is your opportunity to shape the future of Mina governance and ensure your voice is heard! For any questions, or support, please reach out to @remiantczak or @benk0543 on Discord.

Thank you for your ongoing support!