Post Quantum Security

Hey all,

As this issue has been a long known and discussed topic among cypherpunks, I am sure this post is not going to surprise anyone.

Today I saw an analysis, mentioning Algorand’s efforts to become the first blockchain to provide post quantum security in 2022. It’s said, the celebrated David Chaum is also working on a quantum resistant project.

I wonder whether the MP developers could spare some place for such a development in their agendas.


These kinds of stuff happen globally. A new standard/new protocol comes and everyone migrates. Before crypto, there is banks, the military, everything out in the world which can be exploited and cause catastrophic damage to the world. In the case of quantum actually, start breaking the encryption we use. Since we get near something like that we can’t know the exact capability so from my point what algorand doing is just PR. I might be wrong since I don’t follow this stuff closely but the fact everything needed to change stays the same. Now for post-quantum there is nothing you can do atm. It’s post as it’s clearly stated its name after quantum because it’s impossible to know the exact scale/capability of the quantum implementation we going to have on binary. Expected time frame is 20-30 years but you can check this out for some general idea.

Indeed Algorand is just talking the talk. Nobody knows if scalable quantum computers that can break crypto will ever become a thing, and if they do it’ll be a slow process that we will see coming. There’s a whole field working on proposals for post quantum crypto algorithms, I’d suggest that they should continue doing their thing and take the time to come up with good algorithms in case we one day need it.