SNARKs - STARKs Quantum computers

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I’m new on Mina and learning more about zk technology. Days ago i ran into a post where someone says…
STARKs are a new type of zero-knowledge proof that are more secure than SNARKs, STARKs rely on fewer cryptographic assumptions, which makes them virtually impossible to crack. Quantum computers can crack SNARKs

It is possible to produce post-quantum resistant ZK-SNARKS?

Will appreciate your help towards this. Thank you

While I am not an expert in cryptography, I believe the chart you’ve linked can’t be applied to the current state of SNARKs and STARKs anymore. The overall progress in innovation and science in the space of zero-knwoledge technology has moved rapidly over the last months and years - the main argument for STARKs over SNARKs has been that STARKs don’t require a trusted setup, while SNARKs do - however, there have been developments in this regard that, for example, Minas SNARK Kimchi also doesn’t require a trusted setup anymore (thanks to Bulletproofs commitment scheme). Overall, I believe the lines and differences between SNARKs and STARKs are starting to get more blurry - and the same thing applies for post-quantum security. While most SNARKs aren’t quantum secure yet, there is nothing that inherently forbids SNARKs to utilize some post-quantum-secure algorithm once it is required.

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Indeed, this chart is not really up to date. But I doubt that SNARKs can be built to be post-quantum, as usually making something post-quantum means adding a ton of overhead. Also, the post-quantum “threat” is really not something we should worry now. If it ever happens, it’ll take some time between useful quantum computer → useful quantum computer → quantum computer that can actually crack crypto. Also, the whole internet will be broken.

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