Proof of Alpha: An Idea - The League of Alpha

Here is a potential idea to develop the ‘Proof of Alpha’ zkApp (when it is ready). @evan @o1emre

What would motivate someone to put their reputation on the line as a Crypto-influencer / trader and use this zkApp? Why would I risk showing that I am a good (or potentially a bad trader)?

The answer is money. One idea would be to invite the influential Cryptoinfluencers / traders to join a league where they would start with the same stake and the profits and losses were shown in a league table on a weekly basis.

I am sure there would be an exchange that would sponsor and give prize money to the best performer(s). In terms of grabbing headlines I think it would be great as you would also have these crypto-influencers talking about it on their channels to their large following (esp if they were doing well).

Anyway would love to hear people’s feedback.

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