Question about the upcoming hard fork

In case if something goes wrong during the hard fork, where do I get technical support?

I’ve been a staking pool operator since day one, with the contact information publicly available - I was never approached about the upcoming hard fork, which is quite hilarious. I have no access to your Discord either

Hi, the best place to get this information would be discord , so its highly recommended to join it and follow up on #mainnet-berkeley-upgrade channel. Other options include the official telegram channel and ping the Moderators.

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Thanks, but it is not as simple as that :slight_smile: I was wiped out both from Discord and Telegram, as well as from the other channels for speaking loud about JohnR’s malicious behaviour; and since then they pretend that I do not exist, though I have been successfully running a staking pool since 2021, with an organic stake, not depending on the Foundation stake in any way and without any access to technical support

What should I do, please?

Hi @Berkeley. We’re following up this issue with engineering team.
The error might be due to a pthread lock and signal issue, probably something related to the file system.
Could you please check if the error persists across restarts?
And could you please make a issue at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub with 3.0.0 in the issue title/description or comment on the Github discussion for this release Mina Mainnet 3.0.0 Berkeley Release · MinaProtocol/mina · Discussion #15715 · GitHub
Could you share error text’s itself or a better quality screenshot?
Thank you.

After several consecutive restarts it fixed itself, thank you


Glad to hear that! Thank you!

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