Welcome to MinaResearch! Please read before posting

Welcome to the MinaResearch forum!

MinaReseach is a place to actively engage with the Mina Ecosystem in proposing new projects and changes in the protocol in a meaningful way. By joining you commit to improving the Mina Ecosystem,

When you sign up to MinaResearch we expect you to live and follow our CORE values.

Curiosity - In this platform, live this value by asking meaningful questions in response to MIPs.

Openness - See this platform as a means of transparency into all happenings within our ecosystem.

Respect - Here is a great place to start, be respectful when giving feedback and remember that anything written down may not necessarily have a tone and if you feel someone has been disrespectful explain what they said to upset you unless it violates our overall rules and guidelines

Excellence - See MinaResearch as a combined effort to achieve excellence across all of our projects.

Here are some general posting guidelines:

:white_check_mark: Follow the MIP guidelines

:white_check_mark: Please use the categories as detailed. Each category has a blurb on its usage.

:white_check_mark: Be considerate and respectful to one another. Attempt collaboration before conflict.

:white_check_mark: Ask insightful questions

:white_check_mark: Pay attention to the tags assigned in each category.

Remember MinaResearch is not for general discussion. It is a place for you to share and nurture your ideas across the community so keep your contributions information rich and your negativity low. We reserve the right, as part of a public forum, to disable your account if this is not abided by.

Other channels we have are for all other types of discussion are:

Discord - For technical discussion related to node operating, setting up block producers and all other technical enquires

Telegram - for casual conversation and

Twitter - for education and announcements