Mina Community Guidelines

:loudspeaker:Updated Mina Community Guidelines - Open Comment Period:loudspeaker:

The Mina community has grown significantly from the first days back in 2019, and the time has come to update the previous Code of Conduct with fresh guidelines that best reflect the community’s needs.

The intended goal is to create a safe and positive environment for everyone within the Mina Community. We have gathered feedback from community members along with general observations on social platforms to be able to bring the Community Guidelines to the community, for the community. We have been working hard on this for the community and having the community add input is highly encouraged.

The updated Community Guidelines explicitly call out the importance of Mina’s C.O.R.E values and provide clarity on what kinds of behaviours can result in warnings and bans. There is also an explanation of an appeals process. See the proposed updated Mina Community Guidelines here:

When finalized, the Community Guidelines will be effective across all Mina community platforms and social media.

The guidelines are intended for the community, and we would like to hear your input over the next 7 days. Starting from Oct 25th and until 23:59 UTC-7 on Nov 1st, please post any comments, questions, or suggestions in the thread below.

Once the open comment period is over, comments will be reviewed and final revisions will be made to the Community Guidelines before they are finalized. The Mina Protocol Community Guidelines are below.

Welcome to the Mina Protocol Community!

We highly encourage everyone in the Mina community to help each other and to create a safe and positive experience for everyone. We welcome all technical inquiries and business-related discussions, relevant whitepapers/articles, and thoughtful questions. Mina’s community is guided by a set of CORE values. This is the way that we interact with one another, and we expect that as fellow Mina community members, you will also respect these values, so together, we help everyone have a great experience in Mina’s community.

C.O.R.E Values

Curiosity - It’s what connects us all. Our obsession to understand, solve, and know. Our love of collaboration, open exploration, and objective engagement. Our attraction to big questions and “impossible” problems. Our passion for creating technology and systems that serve everyone. Our imagination at work.

Openness - We believe in being open, communicating proactively, and being responsive, available, and accountable to the community. Empowering people with the information they need to participate. Sharing where we are in the process. And collaborating to serve our vision with humility. It’s the only way to earn trust and create a fair future.

Respect - We respect each other — our inherent worth, abilities, time, and ideas. That’s why we stand for equality and fairness. Why we’re committed to decentralization. We act with integrity. We work hard to make things feel simple. And why we strive to be inclusive and accessible.

Excellence - We don’t expect perfection. But each of us demands the best of ourselves. We’re here to create elegant solutions. Symphonic systems. Technical beauty. We’re committed to our community and creating tech they can depend on. We enjoy the process. But we also deliver results.

Community Guidelines

1. Powered by Participants – We love seeing our community engage in conversation and develop ideas that help educate each other on their journey with Mina. Remember, Mina is only possible because of you, the participants! We highly encourage the growth of Mina in all facets, from community building to technical projects and zkApps! We appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or ideas that you may have and request that you be mindful of how it’s presented.

2. Conversations – Keep the conversation relevant to the channel you are in. If you want to share a story or photo of your pet, channels such as #mainnet-block-producers are not the channel to do so. If you are unsure, reach out to the moderators for assistance to help guide your conversation to the correct channel.

3. Interactions – Be mindful that our community is made up of members and staff from all corners of the globe. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Participate and engage positively while talking to other community members.

  • Take responsibility for the quality of the conversation you’re participating in. Help make this an intelligent place of discussion for everyone. Ensure your behaviour is consistent and in line with our CORE values.

  • Being mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants. Alert community moderators if you notice a dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of these Community Guidelines, even if they seem inconsequential.

  • Be considerate and respectful to one another. Attempt collaboration before conflict.

  • Any derogatory, sexist, homophobic, or racial comments will not be tolerated.

  • Treat others how you wish to be treated. Verbal attacks will result in a warning and a potential ban.

  • Repetitive ID “tagging"& spamming of community members is discouraged and can result in a warning or a ban.

4. Moderators - Community moderators are here to assist everyone in navigating the Mina Community while providing assistance to users on their Mina journey. Moderators may take any action for violations they deem appropriate, they take every issue seriously and will decide in the community’s best interest.

5. Security – Only you are responsible for your online security. Please be careful of things such as:

  • Direct Messages from unknown users

  • Links to external websites un-associated with Mina official links

  • SPAM and SCAM messaging

  • Requests of account details in any form

If detected, spammers & scammers will be removed immediately for the safety of the community.

If you are approached by a scammer or spammer account, please notify the Moderators immediately by tagging them in the #scam-alerts channel.

6. Banning – Although we encourage users to be open and respectful to each other in Mina’s positive community-driven environment, sometimes actions need to be taken immediately to address negative actions by those with ill intent. The following is a list of actions that will get any user banned immediately.

  • Posting of scams or aiding in spreading any scam in any way, inclusive of posting on social platforms or direct messaging community members, community admin/moderators, etc.

  • Abuse, threats, and bullying towards any community or ecosystem members.

  • Imposters: Any attempts to pose as Mina Protocol or any of its ecosystem members, community admin/moderator, KOLs, etc.

  • Posting offensive, abusive, racial, political, sexual, and religious-related content.

  • Intentional misuse of bots, unauthorized posting of links, referral links, advertisements, promotions, and inappropriate solicitation of funds.

7. Appeal
Community members have the option of lodging an appeal if they are banned from Discord. If the appeal is successful, based on factual findings, the community member will be able to rejoin the community. Be aware that an appeal may take up to 7 days to process.

See steps below for filing an appeal:

  1. A banned community member will need to email community@minaprotocol.com with their appeal and address it as outlaid below.

To: (community@minaprotocol.com)
Subject: Discord Ban Appeal - [Full Discord ID]
Email Body: Explaining their appeal and providing any evidence necessary to help form an evaluation.

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Hi all!!! Sheriff Boston Mike here. One thing I’d add in the disallowed topics is politics (unless I missed it, it is only 5:30 am here). I think it’s a subject that unfortunately only has two ends and no middle. Other than that, the proposal looks great and I am honored to be a part of this great community!!!

First of all, I am very honored to be a member of the community. But in recent months, the root cause of the decline in community interaction is that your token economics is very poor. Inflation is too serious and does not follow the normal roadmap. Please reduce inflation as soon as possible, limit the maximum supply and increase the burning mechanism. Thank you

Hi, A lot of community members want to know how to deal with the supercharge bonuses that go longer than expected. Maybe we can have an open discussion about this.